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dear colleagues [Mar. 26th, 2007|01:07 pm]
Professional Dancers Network
my name is Catherine.
I work in Moscow State theatre "New ballet".
Last year we got the premier of plastic ballet to
Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.
We’ve shown it on different stages in Russia and now
We’d like to present it abroad.
There is a lot of information on net about dance and ballet festival,
But some of them don’t exist any more, some have outdated contacts.
Do you know any real festivals which are open to invite
Contemporary ballet troupe?
Or may be stage or theatre which can help with tour organization?

also we'd like to propose a joint project with foreign specialist,
for example we'll invite a choreographer and he (or she) will stage
any ballet he want in our theatre with our troupe.
Or there can be other ways of cooperation .
for further information write me:

Thank you in advance.